Growth Hormone-Regulated mRNAs and miRNAs in Chicken Hepatocytes
  Growth hormone (GH) is a key regulatory factor in animal growth, development and metabolism. Based on the expression level of the GH receptor, the chicken liver is a major target organ of GH, but the biological effects of GH on the chicken liver are not fully understood. In this work we identified mRNAs and miRNAs that are regulated by GH in primary hepatocytes from female chickens through RNA-seq, and analyzed the functional relevance of these mRNAs and miRNAs through GO enrichment analysis and miRNA target prediction.
  The other gene PPAP2B is involved in the glycerolipid metabolism pathway.Among the identified miRNAs in this study, gga-miR-148a is the most abundant miRNA in chicken hepatocytes. This is consistent with the previous report, in which miR-148a was identified as the most abundant miRNA in porcine livers of different breeds [43]. This result indicated miR-148a might play important roles in liver. From many previous reports.
1. Davidson MB (1987) Effect of growth hormone on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Endocr Rev 8: 115–131.