Sequencing, assembly, annotation, and gene expression: novel insights into the hormonal control of carrot root development revealed by a high‑throughput transcriptome
  Previous studies have indicated that hormonal control is essential for plant root growth. The root of the carrot is an edible vegetable with a high nutritional value. However, molecular mechanisms underlying hormonemediated root growth of carrot have not been illustrated. Therefore, the present study collected carrot root samples from four developmental stages.
  Molecular mechanisms play vital roles in plant growth and development (Wu and Cheng 2014), and it is important to identify the genes responsible for controlling plant development
to fully comprehend these mechanisms. To date, studies based on increasingly available sequence data have
detected numerous genes.
  1、Aloni R (2013) Role of hormones in controlling vascular differentiation and the mechanism of lateral root initiation. Planta 238:819–830.