Transcriptome analysis in Cucumis sativus identifies genes involved in multicellular trichome development
  The regulatory gene network of unicellular trichome development in Arabidopsis thaliana has been studied intensively,but that of multicellular remains unclear. In the present study, we characterized cucumber trichomes as representative multicellular and unbranched structures, but in a spontaneous mutant, mict (micro-trichome), all trichomes showed a micro-size and stunted morphologies. We revealed the transcriptome profile using Illumina HiSeq 2000 sequencing technology.
  We thank Hui-Ming Chen for providing us with the mict mutant.We thank Li-Da Zhang for his zealous help on bioinformatics analysis. This work was supported by China 973 Program (no.2012CB113900),NationalNatural Science Foundation of China (no. 31271291, 31471156), Shanghai Municipal Committee of Science and Technology.
  [1] R.N. Bennett, R.M. Wallsgrove, Tansley review No. 72: secondary metabolites in plant defence mechanisms, New Phytol. 127 (1994) 617–633.